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Karr Barth Administrators
Finance Advisor was asked...17 June 2021

Have you been in a situation with a difficult client?

1 Answers

I replied yes, and I talked about communication and respect being important but also the perseverance to keep the client. Less


Do you have any customer service experience?

1 Answers

Yes, and I went on with the two jobs where I worked with customers from the age groups of 15-40. Less

National Business Capital

How do you feel about being independent and directly responsible for your own results?

1 Answers

I feel that although I work well in a team environment, that I'm also a highly self-driven individual. I am extremely ambitious and when I combine that with my determination and extreme work ethic, there's no stopping this work athlete. Less

University of Phoenix

How would you handle an escalated student issue?

1 Answers

First listen to the issue to understand if they are just venting or if they want resolution to their issue. Then if they want a resolution problem solve to discover what to do to de-escalate the issue for the student. Less


Work experience and achievements

1 Answers

Break it down to a timeline basis


where do you live

1 Answers

why transferring job to this

DeVry Education Group

Why chose financial aid for your career change?

1 Answers

Because I love the idea of me being a positive part of the student's educational success. Being there from start to finish. Less

National University

How well do you handle change?

1 Answers

(I used my personal experiences dealing with change in my prior place of employment) Less


I was asked whether i would consider being considered for a PFA role on lower money based on the unlikely event of any requirement changing purposes?

1 Answers

I said Yes to look keen. Say NO; they are advertising 18K for Senior personall finance advisors. And then created new positions as a PFA for £16k a year. IT IS LITERALLY THE SAME ROLE!!!!! I was offended and left immediately; i am a academic and highly qualified individual who was seeking quick employment due to the economic downturn at the time, but i didnt have no time for that kind of insult! Less

City of Seattle

Questions related to my work experience, technical questions related to software - very general in nature

1 Answers

Answered to the point and offered related situations to illustrate my points. Easy to answer open ended questions. My technical knowledge was above the interviewers while my government experience was limited. Less

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