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Tell me about the role of mortgage analyst or how they work.

6 Answers

How can one answer without having exp. in that field You can say whatever they have mentioned in the work profile

YOUR EXPERIENCE IS REALLY GOOD........& ITS GOOD THAT U HAV NARATTED HERE,......ITS REALLY HELPFUL................,can i get ur ur email id?

u can mail me at

Formulas for calculation of various margins and mortgages from case study

4 Answers

Questions are generally basic and related to previous work experience.

2 Answers

Why should we hire you ??

2 Answers

tell me something about yourself?

3 Answers

what is your name ?

5 Answers

What would you do, if you are in a situation where in you are requesting for a certain input from a very senior person in the management and he is not replying back to your emails, phone calls etc. And this input is crucial for you to meet a deadline.

3 Answers

Could you join in tomorrow?

2 Answers

Why you want to join BPO?

2 Answers

A counting principles and golden rules?

2 Answers
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