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How would you reverse a linked list?

3 Answers

This tutorial answers your question:

For a singly-linked list consiting of n linked nodes... i -2) { node[i+2].next <-- &node[i+1]; i = i - 1; } node[0].next <-- null;

dave, the tricky answer given below is not acceptable in interview as well as in real programming. Please dont take these words as negative but try formulating solutions which are simple to understand and elegant. for example the invariants in above code and termination condition of -2 is not good. for example you can write -- Node* prev = &head; Node* curr = prev->next; while(curr) { Node* tmp = curr->next; curr->next = prev; prev=curr; curr = tmp; } return prev;

Tell us about your future plan

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How to convince a customer for selling a product who isn't willing to listen a single word of yours.

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At Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance one need to forget what one learnt about Life Insurance business earlier, as the one here is most ethically sound and makes sure you only do Need Based Policies for your Clients

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Collections framework

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Population of HIN's and Ultra HNI's ?

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Tell me something about yourself ?

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about insurance

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About mutual funds and demat

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