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Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers
Financial Aid was asked...9 November 2016

Do I plan on being with their company for a long time, because they have a high turn over

3 Answers

I said I would like to work with the company as long as possible. His stupid question should have told me to run Less

wow, what an attitude you have His question were valid as why hire someone who is seeking a position in an advanced role. He is obviously looking for a team player with loyalty and commitment as he is looking to decrease turnover. I'm a recruiter and those are standard interview questions I would have dismissed you just on poor attitude and condescending tone .. People can pick up on body language too Good Luck. Miserable. Less

If I am happy with the company I will stay with them till it is time to retire any job that I choose I choose as my second home with intentions of staying the long term I am a loyal person I don't like hopping from job to job just as long as my peers co-workers are respectful and creative and innovative to make the company grow as well as to grow with the company yes I would stay the long term those would be my intentions from the beginning otherwise I would just say I'm looking for a part-time for only temporary time but I am looking for a company that is supportive motivating with room for growth and respects their employees thank you very much Less


What back office software did company x use?

3 Answers

Federal regulatory software and MS Office.

Database validation software


Teach for America

Tell me about your experience living in an impoverished community? What outside factors made it difficult for you to attend college? I was also pressed about tutoring in affluent neighborhoods and if I was able to relate to their Cliental.

2 Answers

Overall, I butchered these questions because I wasn't ready to defend my economic background. I thought more question would focus on more valuable subjects but they clearly we're looking for someone who matched the profile of the communities they serve. Less

I have 4years experience with teaching college of TVET in Ethiopia

Paradigm Healthcare Center Of Prospect

Diet Specifications

2 Answers

I would love to get a interview for this job I work as a hairdresser my own business 13 years I a fast learner and would like to have this job I'm in Beacan falls not far from prospect I work in in a doing hair in a nurses get home I would like to work at this position hopefully you will give me a interview Less

If uncertain, always as an experienced dietary aid.


What would you say to a client who said they were "just getting an idea" about hearing aid prices?

2 Answers

I would ask them if they knew what their hearing was like? Had they ever been tested?, and what kind of hearing trouble were they having? Less

I would ask if they have done any online shopping yet to get a feel for what range they might already be expecting or if they knew the difference between amplifiers you see advertised and hearing aid prices. Establish a low pressure sales situation during apt and emphasize looking at quality of care and hearing you might sacrifice by looking for cheapest price. Make it low pressure sales situation and they will come back to you if they like feel you were informative and not pushy. If necessary sacrifice a little commission and give extra discount to ensure when they price shop elsewhere that other companies have a hard time beating your lowball number. Less

University of La Verne

Do you have any experience working in public safety?

2 Answers

No I have no experience but I am a fast learner


Costco Wholesale

The usual out of a manual "biggest strength", "biggest weakness", "describe a time when...."

2 Answers

laughingly, I actually said "ok, you read the questions from Linkedin, and I'll read the answers" Less

I love you! Good answer! I, too was a LHAS at Costco. Lasted a year. SE region is horrible. Pay not great. Lots of pressure. Sell sell sell. Smile smile smile even when being abused. Members always come first. Less

Municipality of Chatham Kent

tell us about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer, time management question, leadership question, questions regarding career profile

2 Answers

1) In my opinion customer is a very important our company development they are like a gold coin so each and every one is important in my point of view the customer is difficult or easy i handle with very humble treats. 2) time is like a gold so keep carefully and time management is very important for our carrier 3) leadership is a skill .if the skill bonding our work partner .its a very important our company growth. So handle with carefully and smart. 4) in my career is im become a owner of restaurant .if the restaurant open with my own try and my own money . Thanks yo so much for give the chance for answer your questions. Please take me your company its like a family. I want like to join our company. Less

Customer plays a vital role in every business, if you didn’t provide a better customer satisfaction you can’t grow, and sometimes customer is very difficult to handle, just treat a customer in a good manner and provide them a good and relevant information. Time didn’t stops for anyone, it’s better to finish everything before the time so that you have enough time to check it again, thats why time management is very important. Leadership is also important, if you are working in group you have to work according to your time and always there is a leader of a team who leads the time every time.. In my career if I would get a chance to work with your company it would be a great pleasure to me. Less


Why I wanted to be a health aid? What experience I had? Why did I want to work for LivHome?

2 Answers

I have always been a giving and caring person. I hear about elderly abuse all the time. I want to treat people as if they were my family members. They deserve to have happy "golden years". Less

I have always been a giving and caring person.i heat about elderly abuse all the time I want to treat people as if they were my family members they deserve to have happy golden years Less

United Tribes Technical College

what are my short-term goals and how will this position assist in getting there

1 Answers

That I am going to finish my bachelor's, which I now only have the 2015-16 academic year left. You at UTTC offer a great opportunity with a tuition waiver and a paid educational journey at your college. Also I will be the new face of financial aid and will make the change that our young poverty stricken native american youth will succeed and these are my goals that I will obtain as becoming a part of your team. Less

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