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Stewart Enterprises
Family Service Counselor was asked...9 November 2010

How do you feel you are qualified to deal with death?

3 Answers

Yes, give examples of the 2 pre-arranged tradional burial funerals I planned, both for my parents, as the POA. In addition, worked at a senior assisted living community where death always accured, and I often talked to friends and families before, during hospice and after death. I am a good listener. Less

Don't know if there is a wrong answer because of the turnover.



how would you get a young adult to trust you

5 Answers

Give them examples on how great they can be and what they can accomplish and how far you want to go with them on a journey don’t get too personal but get close enough with Ella be able to trust you and know that you are real person that you really do care for their well-being Less

Allow for them to come to you and to trust people don’t tell their secrets to anyone unless is a danger to themselves or someone else down a lot on to disrespect you keep that boundary there So that they know that respect still stands and that you’re still firm and require respect Less

I have a passion working with young adults, because when I was younger I felt that no one understood me or my feelings. I say always emphasize with the individual, and encourage them to build up their self esteem! Let them know that they have ability and potential to do anything In life regardless of set back and hurdles. Just emphasize helps being in their situation. Less

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About yourself

3 Answers

Described about my experience and projects which I've worked with.

I am Nayana. I am a postgraduate in chemistry and completed my B.ed. I wish to work gain employment as an educator at one of the most exceptional educational institutions to encourage and inspire students tachieve their highest potential. Less

I am a fresher , who have teaching experience in an aided school, for about 4 months, as a part of B.ed programme Less

Online Trading Academy

Price integrity, and my feeling about it.

3 Answers

Integrity across the board is extremely important to me.. because it is, and I always worked and lived by it, and they always embraced that about me. Less

I cannot sell or provide a service to a perspective client if I Do Not believe in what I am Doing & or what I am selling. I simply will Not do it. I Must believe that I am enriching a Clients Life,that I Know that if there are people that will be taking care of my Client after Myself,Again,I Must KNOW that they will be doing the Right thing by my Client. I've walked Away from Certain Opportunities in which I could have made a Tremendous amount of Money,but I walked away from it,as I have to live with Myself. Although I Do not bring up Religion within Business,I Know Myself that I will Not do ANYTHING that goes against my Religious Beliefs,My Faith. There is NO Amount of Money that will Ever make me go against my Morales or My faith. I Must Know that I can Stand Righteously in Front of GOD,as well as those who are in My family. If I believe in what I am doing,that what I am doing or Selling to my client will enrich their Life & I Know that If I don't Sell them,If I Don't make them My Client,that the Next Company Coming in will Not take as Great as Care as I will, My closing % is 100%,as I KNOW with Myself they will Not have any major issues,but if an issue Is to Come up,at least I Know that My Company will do Anything & Everything to take care of it. Less

I apologize, I don't know where all of these & amp words came from. It's supposed to be "and". Less

Grand Canyon University

STAR Method questions

3 Answers

I would have got up and walked out of that interview had an interviewing manager acted that way during an interview. If they act that inappropriate in an interview, imagine how bad it would be if you worked there! Less

Ps. The next interview was not with GCU.

Yeah I wish I would have. I told a few people about it. It was unbelievable. But in the end I went to another interview where they were very open and they made a point about me being comfortable so that they could really know my personality. You absolutely cannot know somebody's personality by interviewing like she did. It was a blessing in disguise and now I work 12 min from my home👍🏽 Less

Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services

What are the 3 major disability groups?

3 Answers

The Three Major Disability Groups are: 1. Physical 2. Psychological/Neurodevelopmental disorders 3. Sensory Less

1. physical (e.g. amputation, MS, CP) 2. sensory (e.g. hearing, vision) 3. cognitive (e.g. autism, dyslexia) 4.intellectual (e.g. low IQ, lack daily living skills) 5.mental (e.g. mood, depression, addictive behavior) 6 chronic diseases (e.g. COPD, Asthma, pulmonary hypertension) Less

There are actually 4 major disability groups: 1.Hearing, 2.Learning/Cognitive, 3.Motor, 4.Vision Less

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

They asked situation based questions like what would you do if a kid came up to you crying and the child said it was because another camper hit him.

3 Answers

In those situations I talk to each kid separately to find out what happened. If the hitting was an accident I make the kid be specific in apologizing about the hitting and what they will do differently next time. If the hitting was intentional, I make the kid apologize being specific about the hitting and enforce a consequence and ask why they have a consequence. This would entail sitting out for 5 minutes Less

I talk to the kid whom the complaint was about and ask why. If it was accidental I acknowledge it and have them apologize. If it's intentional there's a consequence and I have the kid apologize Less

I used personal experience from working in other camps

Counselor was asked...18 October 2017

Do you have open availability?

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University of Phoenix

What is the best way to manage people?

3 Answers

Attitude and motivation

Be sure to clarify manage or lead people they are two different methods. When you manage people you ensure that they are meeting metrics. To successfully to this they need to be first treated with respect and dignity, appropriately trained, given the opportunity to ask questions, be open, make suggestions. Your followers need to be coached, counseled and given positive as well feedback that could be taken as negative. And, never ask an employee what you yourself wouldn't a great role model and others will follow. Less

Take the time to know each employee as an individual.


What is your general attitude toward disciplining children?

3 Answers

I said that kids need structure, but it's important to be flexible and patient and always to remember what it was like to be a kid. Less

Where I work we just tell them. There are consequences for actions. If you make a bad choice, you may lose 5 minutes of something for example, if you make good choices, sometimes you get rewarded, but we always praise good choices. Less

Nice, Hard Spanking, WITH THE BELT! and if they continue, pepper spray on the genitals. Less

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