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it was not at all difficult but was unexpected when a interviewer asked about the difference in rationality and intelligence of a decision maker in context of game theory. he asked it after knowing that games and information is my favourite paper. it was unexpected as i did not think that the person raising the question would remember this typical Myerson (Roger Myerson, author of Game theory, analysis of conflict) topic!!

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everything went well.....but they didn't do a right thing. they couldn't have mentioned our names in the first place if they were not sure. but offering the letter of acceptance to only 5 candidates after announcing the names of 7 candidates is really bad.

All question related to Accounting and Advance Excel.

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What are the external Factors impacting ebitda?

What is the effect of Overhead absorption on profits?

State a few reasons as to why a change in the sales price would not lead to a change in the profits

Tell me a situation where you could successfully convince the business partner to consider your idea/solution/project and what were the challenges that you faced?

something about yourself? easy to relocate? why hcl? what is amortization, dcf evaluation etc