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Find the two highest elements in an unsorted array

2 Answers

int* two_Largest(int* arr) { int* myArr = new int [2]; myArr[0] = INT_MIN, myArr[1] = INT_MIN; int len = sizeof(arr)/sizeof(int); for(int i =0; iarr[0]) { myArr[1] = myArr[0]; myArr[0] = arr[i]; } else { myArr[1] = arr[i]; } } }

Not sure what language this is suppose to be, but: 1) sizeof(arr), which arr is a pointer, is not going to be the size of the in bytes 2) you have the function returning an int *, but there is no return statement, so you are returning garbage 3) why are you comparing arr[i] to arr[0] every time?!? This is a really bad answer.

1) Swap MSB with LSB of 16bit No 2) related to CV 3) integer Overflow 4) bits logic 5) storage classes, volatile etc Don't remember exactly. But most of them from C, data types, bits, embedded.

1 Answer

He asked me about FTL.

1 Answer

i dont felt any question difficult . How to install signal handler, what is Layer2 ,what you know about networking

1 Answer

Q: RLC circuit solving, question from memories, op amp.

Nyquist Sampling theorem

1 Answer

A water tank contains 12 levels. Each level is connected to corresponding LED's. When water reaches a particular level, the corresponding Led have to glow. Design a circuit with minimum number of wires?

What is system design? Where would the code be stored in the ROM or RAM? Some more simple questions.

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