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Flight Attendant Interview Questions


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Tell me something about yourself.

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Name, age, place, family background, education, experience, hobbies, skills and qualities to be an excellent flight attendant and how passionate you are of aviation as career choice. Be you,Be honest. All the best!

The HR interviewer asked in detail that why i choose to do MCA though i had a BCA degree.

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It was easy interview, just be confident

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Language skills Reason for applying for the position

There are two lists-list A and List B. List A contains all the mobile prefixes(eg 90, 91etc.) and List b contains all the numbers. Define a method which takes these two list as input and prints all the numbers from list B whose prefix is present in list A.

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no difficult questions only general questions.....

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Case Regarding the Rubique Diamond Sales and Marketing Strategies CV Based EBI round in which puzzles and guess-estimates were asked. Fit Round- Behavioral and Situational Questions

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