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IHG Hotels and Resorts
Food and Beverage Manager was asked...3 July 2012

Are you willing to join us?

5 Answers



Willing to join and help in operation. 6 years experience handling stores.

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Describe a situation where you showed leadership?

4 Answers

Talked about a specific moment in my previous lifeguarding job where I had to step up in an emergency situation. Less

in july 1992,I was managing a fb ops in Irak.the war with Iran breaks out. and I had no more tomatoes in stock.I have decided to send a truck to Aleppo to purchases 200 kg tomatoes from the local Syrian market.The truck came back in the evening with 200 kg tomatoes on board. well done...!! Less

I am very much interested and motivated for the position offer in your Boston Unit. I am ready to share my FB ops experience from my 5 previous hospital management I have been running in my career, Less

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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Can you work in a team environment?

4 Answers


Yes, and a must as we new colleagues we have to create and blend with the team as our colleagues in the future Less


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Are you a fast learner

4 Answers

Yes I am. I deal with stress by knowing that there's always stress in this industry, it's just not letting that stress negatively affect your work. Less

yes i am a fast learner

How do you deal with stress

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He gave me nine questions. Stupid moronic situation questions about have you ever been in a situation where your boss asked you to get something done by a certain time idiocy. How about asking me the temperature of cooked pork? Something a little relevant.

3 Answers

Based on what you wrote about the manager who interviewed you at the job site, I think it's better that you didn't get hired because that guy sounds like he's a lawsuit waiting to happen. The same thing happened to me at another job interview. I was shown around like I had the job and then didn't get it. Less

The best part is Sodexo replies to my story on here and tells me that that is not the way they operate and I need to email them and explain what happened and they will look into it and get back to me. so I did. and THEY NEVER GOT BACK TO ME EITHER..CLASSIC!! Less

The worst thing you can do is indicate to a person that they have the job. I have been hiring people for 20 years and I NEVER EVER would show them around or introduce them to people UNLESS THEY HAD THE JOB. What is the point? Why do I care that sally works in accounting? I will never ever meet these people again. Why is so difficult to contact a person to let them know the status of there employment. Complete amateur's, stay away. Less


Name a time you delt with a difficult customer and how you handled it.

3 Answers

I was working at the four points by Sheraton in Brentwood Tennessee I had a guest come to me around 11 PM saying there was a baby crying in the room next to them so I mediately went to the front desk found them a king suite upgrade and gave to breakfast Bacher's for them for the following morning Less

The guests are extremely happy and filled out a trip advisor

Make sure you mention a very difficult customer and nothing simple.

Thompson Hospitality

Are you interested in taking a significant cut in your current salary to be in a company with such growth potential?

3 Answers

Absolutely not, is Thompson hospitality prepared to compensate a manager with my education and experience? Less

Absolutely NO, my education and experience is not entry level pay. I'm a twenty year educated experienced manager. Less

Not at all

Ultra Foods

If the load doesn't show up, what can you do to keep yourself busy that won't be a waste of time?

1 Answers

Finish up some paper work, work on pulling some backstock out and filling the shelves. Organzing the aisles. Less


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

If you give me a chance to be part of your company my goal to gain more profits for your prestigious company and to enhance my skills, knowledge , experience , and abilities. Less

Please, ask me real questions.

Seminole Gaming

How did you turn a negative customer experience round into a positive customer experience

2 Answers

Depends what’s you consider average most bars use 1/6 barrels which should consist of about 55 12 oz pours. Then most mainstream domestics like Miller lite etc would probably be using a 1/4 barrel which should yield 82 12 oz pours Less

How many glasses of 12 oz pints are in a average size keg

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