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Freelance Translator was asked...11 March 2017

Basically what you put in every resume.

4 Answers

Every single experience, skill and ares of expertise detailled of one example.

Every single experience, skill and ares of expertise detailled of one example.

Lesson on topic Police commands in English Sub Topic Alfa Command on November 4, 2019 at afternoon class st Police Academy of Timor-Leste in Comoro rd 11. Less

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Bureau Works

Test translation without remuneration

1 Answers



Technical Translation Test That Has Several Options.

1 Answers

You need to choose the right option.

Linguo Go

Proceed to Test Two to get a project suited for applicant

1 Answers

This is their reply: “ Dear xx, Your test two was not well done. In which despite your good result in test one, i will have to fail you. Because we have to take the lesser of the result. The flow was good at times but also bad at times. Can I ask the reason? Like are you less good with chinese? Or you are not used to sophisticated style of writing? Just the conversational? Because we do have different projects. Thanks for the time.” Dear PIC, your email itself was full of errors, without clear explanation of which area I failed in. When I whatsapp for immediate response, the PIC took such a delayed response to note where my mistakes are and just categorise each translation with “good flow/bad translation”. Less


You will be asked to translate 4 articles in 4 types of content.

1 Answers

All you need to do is to translate it with proof of reason.

Iyuno-SDI Group

The test was about basic grammatical knowledge and translating skills

1 Answers

I performed an online test. Did fairly well. Most of the tasks were about basic translating skills. Less


How long had I been working as a translator?

1 Answers

17 years

Mijn beschikbaarheid - wanneer en hoeveel uur. Mijn ervaring werd doorgenomen.

1 Answers

Ik ben de gehele week beschikbaar en alle uren. Mijn ervaring heb ik verder toegelicht, aangezien een deel van de ervaring in het buitenland was. Less


Qualifications and past experience.

1 Answers

Described my several university degrees and 10 years worth of experience in scientific and academic translations. Less

Linguo Go

Complete a Test One then they will give you a Test Two

1 Answers

I completed my Test One extraordinarily (as per what they said) and the PIC proceeds to email me with these exact words “ Hi there, CONGRATULATIONS in passing test one spectacularly. Your position in the company is hereby confirmed. Please find attached TEST TWO, to let us determine what role to give you, since we have several different projects with different pay.” Less

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