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Why is C++ called so?

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Its an upgraded version of C and "++" represents increment operator in its llike a plus one version of C

upgraded version of c

more features add to c..

Describe yourself.

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Basic and Advance java questions

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Why u left ur previous job in sch a shrt tym/?

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Tell me about yourself.

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*F2F technical questions* Update query in SQL Validater in Write program to show triangle (*) Polymorphism Overriding, Overloading

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What is your past experience with Network Technologies ?

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Interview process was simple as it was for a fresher position. The MCQ test was pretty much to solve all aptitude questions with main focus on time management. i had prepared all the basic fundamentals of computer science and programming and was asked the same question in C, Java and questions to check whether i was a team player. my advice for anyone as a fresher is just to learn all the basics well for the interview and make sure you are dressed professionally.

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How would u manage a person of more experience than you who is working under you?

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