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Fresher Software Engineer was asked...21 August 2017

Questions were asked to check basic knowledge of OOPS concepts, String manipulation, Data Structures. Not very hard questions but were good enough to check concept.

10 Answers

No they specifically told not to write codes in c and cpp. any other language will do even pseudo code will do Less

Did they shortlisted you for the next round?

They didn't asked aptitude when I appeared... Only on Java or the programming language you are comfortable with other than c and cpp Less

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SLK Group
Fresher was asked...27 August 2016

If 1 machine manufactures 1TV a day then how long it will take to manufacture 1000 TVs using 1000 machines?

7 Answers


1 day

1 day

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The questions in the initial round were about the topics learnt in college about networking, cloud computing basics and some java programming question.

7 Answers

What are the 3 rounds you gone through?

Is there any coding round after technical round

Can you please tell me how many rounds have you gone through and how much time are they taking for the interview process? Less

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Fresher was asked...17 January 2021

reverse a string using stack in o(n)

6 Answers


So, you applied through off-campus and the first round assignment you solved was about creating key value database right? And when did you got the result of this assignment round? Less

I applied through college

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A google doc link with questions ranging from JAVA, Logical and Quantitative aptitude and Verbal.

6 Answers

Bhai same issue...I cleared test on 8 aug and one of my friend on 31 sept

Sorry 31 July

I was facing the same. I gave exam in the first week of August and got a call from HR today. Don't lose hope. You'll recieve a call soon. :) Less

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Fresher was asked...16 November 2013

what is output for following: main() { string abc; some code: printf("abc"); }

5 Answers


Error in program to change answer is abc

an error occurs.

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Fresher was asked...29 August 2020

aptitude questions,coding questions and self introduction.

5 Answers

Hey , how many technical rounds were there ? Do reply, it's urgent actually

So you're selected?

How what rounds are there ?

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Tata Consultancy Services
Fresher was asked...6 January 2016

1)Esha ran 224m in 27 sec and Usha in 17 sec.AT what distance did Esha cross Usha.? 2)a series 1234123441234441234444.....n what is the value on 200th position..? 3)Star mark question: How many squares are there between 2011 to 2300 which follows 2013,2020,2027.......2300

4 Answers

2) the answer is 44 3) the answer is 1

usha is a winner

If (speed is constant) then Esha didn't cross Usha, Elase You can't say. Less

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Cognizant Technology Solutions
Fresher was asked...12 November 2012

Why is C++ called so?

4 Answers

Its an upgraded version of C and "++" represents increment operator in its llike a plus one version of C Less

upgraded version of c

C++ is made up of all features of C and ++ denotes classes.So it is c with classes Less

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Quovantis Technologies

In interview, for DS: link list , stack, queues , Quicksort etc, JAVA(core) .

4 Answers

For any interview, you have to give time and study all these subjects (java/c++, Sql, DS). Less

If you want to read it easily, try glassdoor APP , there it would be properly spaced out, properly. Less

Hello Ajay, the first two comments(to explain the interview) and the interview "new process" have been written by me. I was giving this interview the second time, so I was shocked by the spike in difficulty level compared to the first time. So I wrote all this so people will be more prepared, I had a very very hard time in first round, but other had it hard in second round. Less

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