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list and array related questions Basic sql question

7 Answers

did my level best in 2nd round but not selected.

Aptitude round was based on General aptitude or technical aptitude?

Can you share 2nd round question

Print patterns like Swastic sign, 2-D Array manipulations(Bit Difficult) and String manipulations.

6 Answers

difference between null and void

5 Answers

Javascript callback property is enabled by another property called closure can you explain it how?

3 Answers

1. Exception, object oriented questions, Angular 5, Java String program.

2 Answers

var a = 2; console.log( ++a + ++a + a++)

2 Answers

technology-specific questions and general concepts.

2 Answers

There Are 25 horses we have to find the top 3 horses. Each race can have 5 horses at once max.

2 Answers

3 lions and 3 buffalo's need to cross a river. At no point can lions outnumber the buffalos.

2 Answers

create a spring bean a and inject class b object and bean b inject a into it. this will create circular dependency, how spring resolve it?

2 Answers
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