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Print patterns like Swastic sign, 2-D Array manipulations(Bit Difficult) and String manipulations.

6 Answers

Be sure you are good at coding.

Did u get there offer immediately?

The offer was mailed on the next day.

difference between null and void

5 Answers

Javascript callback property is enabled by another property called closure can you explain it how?

3 Answers

1. Exception, object oriented questions, Angular 5, Java String program.

2 Answers

Some puzzles which were not very difficult.

2 Answers

create a spring bean a and inject class b object and bean b inject a into it. this will create circular dependency, how spring resolve it?

2 Answers

Attended a hackerearth online round for full stack developer profile.

2 Answers

class A{ p s v test(){sout("A");} } class B extends A{ p s v test(){sout("B");} } class C{ main(){ A a2 = new B(); } } what is the o/p? what this example refers to? what happens when you try to override a static method from parent class?

2 Answers

Round 3: Q: "11001110" find occurring of double 1's in string.?

2 Answers

There Are 25 horses we have to find the top 3 horses. Each race can have 5 horses at once max.

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