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create a react app in CODESANBOX which takes an input from user converts it to ascii add 10 to it convert that ascii to character and console it. (such a child's play question was asked and they rejected me for this, just to make you understand how trivial it was they gave me to build apple itunes in react assignment and ola/uber in node.js as an assignment, it should get driver near by to it's pickup location.) i applied Great Circle Distance formula just google it and compare this from the ascii one question

A case study as a developer on how i would see that situation in certain technical circumstances.

program to compare 2 AVL tree's with time complexity in its best case

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Basic oops concepts, basic knowledge of full stack development, basic HR questions

Given a collection object of employee details first name ,last name and age. Filter age above 50?

Filter salary above 30k and group by month?(MySQL)

mostly on real time, advanced Java and core java questions

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