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How many clients would you be able to source for the job?

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I have a mix of NRI and domestic clients through family and friends. I will be able to tap into their networks and networth during the course of the job. I believe the NRI population is not fully aware of the new and upcoming wealth products out there in the market and it would be useful to tap into their wealth portfolios from an advisory angle

a time you have dealt with a difficult customer

Come up with an outreach strategy for the organisation's varied target audience, what would you change on the website, what experience do you have with podcasts and videos

Normal process

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Few questions were meant to judge my motivation to join social sector and the rest to judge my technical abilities and knowledge for the role.

How will the position held earlier be helpful in this internship?

What are the positions you are handling right now and have held in the past?

Any past internships and what did you learn (soft skills) there?

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