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What are Motor starters and where are they used?

3 Answers

Motor starters to reduce starting current in a motor. Used in various industry applications which involves a motor

When a DC motor is initially energized, there is no back emf because the rotor is not turning. That means that the motor will draw very high current. If it is a small battery-powered motor, there is not much problem caused by the brief surge of high current while the motor gets up to speed. If the motor is larger, the high current can damage the commutator, the windings or the power supply equipment. Therefore, a starter is needed to insert a current limiting resistor or sequence of resistors until the motor gets up to speed.

An electrically operated switch that uses magnetic induction to provide the startup current for a motor, using verious industries and motors

what is faster than light?

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Tell us about project.

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Bending moment diagram of a complex loaded frame...

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Questions on electrical machines were difficult.

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What is a turbocharger used for ?

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Write a Program in C++

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Questions on MATLAB and C++

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Explain the projects.

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Introduce yourself.

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