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given a linked list which has two types of pointers, a normal next pointer which points to next element in the list and random pointer which points to random element in the list. Question was to clone this linked list


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@ Interview Candidate: can you give some details about the logic ?

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import java.util.HashMap; public class MSQuestion2 { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub CustomLinkedList lst = new CustomLinkedList(); lst.head=new Node1(1); lst.incrementsize(); Node1 node2 = new Node1(2);; Node1 node3 = new Node1(3);; lst.printList(lst); // lst.reverseList(lst); lst.printList(lst); CustomLinkedList clonelst= lst.clone(lst); lst.printList(clonelst); } } class Node1 { int data; Node1 next; Node1 random; public Node1(int data) {;; } } class CustomLinkedList { Node1 head; static int size; public CustomLinkedList() { this.head=null; this.size=1; } public CustomLinkedList(Node1 head) { this.head=head; this.size=1; } public CustomLinkedList clone(CustomLinkedList lst) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub CustomLinkedList lst2 = new CustomLinkedList(); HashMap map = new HashMap(); Node1 n = lst.head; Node1 clonednode = null; while(n!=null) { clonednode = new Node1(; map.put(n, clonednode);; } n = lst.head; while(n!=null) { clonednode=map.get(n);; clonednode.random=map.get(n.random);; } lst2.head=map.get(lst.head); return lst2; } public void printList(CustomLinkedList lst) { Node1 n = lst.head; while(n!=null) { System.out.println(;; } } public void reverseList(CustomLinkedList lst) { Node1 n=lst.head; Node1 prev =null; Node1 next = null; while(n!=null) {;; prev=n; head=n; n=next; } } public void add(CustomLinkedList lst,int data) { Node1 node= new Node1(data);; size++; } public void incrementsize() { this.size++; } }

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there is a solution in O(n) time

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