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BNP Paribas
Global Markets Summer Analyst was asked...26 November 2016

Video interview: 1) why this division 2) tell me about a recent news 3) effect of the fed hike on the bond market 4) additional comments

7 Answers

Yes, it was realized through the Sonru platform

Hi again, please if you still remember, could go recall what the sales and trading group exercises consisted of? Also was there any technical aspect of the interview. The AC invitation email is exactly as you've described but I don't want to be blindsided by a technical interview so I'd just like to confirm. Thank you! Less

S&T excercise: it is a stock picking exercise. Your team has 20 min to find the right stock, and the choice depends on the client's needs. In addition, the HRs will communicate 2 market news during this session: 1 at the beginning (market opening), 1 after 10 min. These news will obviously affect the choice. The individual interview could be technical, it depends on who will interview you: I was asked to talk about econometrics aspects, another candidate was asked to talk about IRS etc..but don't worry about it because they do not require you to know everything, they are more focused on your personality. Less

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Anheuser-Busch InBev

Why InBev? What is your proudest achievement to date? What is your motivation? What are the challenges of the FMCG industry?

5 Answers

Can you describe the businees case please?

I went to the same process. 2 week ago the 2 hours interview and still no news... when did you get the yes/no email for the next steps? Less

Hi, it took them 3 weeks... A little longer than what they promised...

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You’re in a room with three light switches, each of which controls one of three light bulbs in the next room. Your task is to determine which switch controls which bulb. All lights are initially off, and you can't see into one room from the other. You may inspect the room only once. How can you determine which switch is connected to which light bulb?

4 Answers

Call the switches 1, 2 and 3. Leave Switch 1 off. Turn Switch 2 on for five minutes and then turn it off. Turn Switch 3 on. Enter the room. If a bulb is on, it's controlled by Switch 3. Feel the light bulbs for heat. The warm bulb is controlled by Switch 2. The bulb that is off and cold is controlled by Switch 1. Less



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Why do you want to work for Apple

4 Answers

Dear Sir/Madam, The only platform for creativity is APPLE INC., The products that I've seen of Apple are Impeccable and beautiful. Basically I am a musician. Though I learnt Basics of music only on my Apple iPad 3 using Garrage band Now I do great Music though. I am also an Artist. We do shoot our MOst of the short movies on iPhone 5. I wish to learn more and do more and implement more in it! This would be my Most favorable answer. Thankyou for reading. Less

My interest in phones so my wish I join apple store because it is good for me and my ideas for your phone to make better then batter. I am 18 year old if you join me so it your choice.thanks for questioning Less

Apple is all about Innovation. Due to constant changing of customer requirements, Apple ensured that the organization is able to adapt based on the current customer requirements hence, they evolutionize and innovate their products. I want to join Apple because I want to be a part of something great. I want to be a part of an organization that does great things for people not only in terms of technology but in terms of connecting with people. Less

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General Motors (GM)

Brain Teaser: you have 7 seemingly identical looking balls, only 1 is slightly lighter than the other 6. You are given a scale. How can you find the 1 lighter ball is you are only allowed to use the scale twice.

4 Answers

pick 3 random balls on one side of the scale, pick 3 more to put on the other end. if scale equals, the 1 unpicked ball is the lighter one. if one side is lighter than the other one, the lighter ball is among them. take 1 random ball out of 3 to put on one side the scale, put another on the other get it by now. Less

can we not pick 2 on each side?

Add one ball to the scale at a time continuously . The lighter ball will show a slight difference at the scale when you adding up the weight. Like if the first ball is 12g, then adding the next one will be 24, 36, etc and the one that was slightly off will be the lighter one. I think this count as using the scale once because I use it continuously Less

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Unreasonable Group

The trial projected gave two sample situations for the company and asked the applicant to respond with a list of potential funds and investor contact information that pertain to the sample scenarios. The second sample asked for a full regional strategy and the names and emails of 20 investors in a four-page summary.

4 Answers

Folks - this interview was with the Unreasonable Group, not the Unreasonable Insitute. Confusing, I know. Less

Thank you all for your thoughtful dialogue around this interview process. As head of People Operations at Unreasonable, I take personal responsibility for this mistake and consider it the greatest mistake I've made in my career thus far at Unreasonable. We are and were a young company at the time we carried out this hiring process. I'll admit in early 2017 we were just figuring things out, but we've learned so much and implemented coutless improvements to our hiring process since then. The trial project request for emails was a grave mistake but an honest oversight. The intention was never to collect contact details but simply to learn how a candidate would think about curating a network of investors in greatest alignment with the entrepreneurs we support. I remain sick to my stomach everytime I recall this oversight in the prompt language and personally promise no such mistake has occurred since. I hope readers can recognize a young company's growing pains but acknowledge how far we've come and apprecaite our commitment to learn always and continuously improve our processes as guided by our company values. Less

I too was sent the questions, because they indicated I was in top 20% of applicants applying, and provided my network contacts. I hesitated before responding for the same concerns, that I would be divulging social capital that I cultivated over years. I didn't event get the courtesy of an interview in the end. However, I feel sure that they will use this ploy to develop their rolodex on the cheap. It strikes me as an "unreasonable tactic". I should have listened to my gut and given this a miss. I feel like I've been used. Less

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The Coca-Cola Company

Most difficult experience in a work environment

4 Answers

Operating systems

Co-workers with bad attitude and lack of work ethic

I've been robbed at a convenient store that I worked at as a teen

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Goldman Sachs

You have a stick of length 1, and you break it at a (uniformly) random position along its length. Take the longer of the two resulting sticks, and break it somewhere randomly along its length. What is the probability that you can make a triangle out of the three pieces?

4 Answers

It reminds of a typical probability problem. Correct answer probably is 1/4.

100% a triangle it's a polygon with three sides, no matter what you do you have three sides. Therefore you can always make a triangle.... Less

Condition to make a triangle: with c being the longest side, a + b >= c. Say that the first cut yields the "short stick" of length x. Then the second cut yields a "longer stick" of length z. Derive the condition that z < 1/2 for a triangle to be formed, using symmetry arguments and the initial inequality. Derive that means that you can make a second cut somewhere in length x, along the stick that has length (1-x). The probability of making such a cut is x/(1-x). Integrate for all possible x's, which is 0 to 0.5 because of symmetry of the initial break. Therefore the answer is integral from 0 to 0.5 of x*dx/(1-x). Took me about 20 minutes to get to the answer because I barked up some wrong trees. Apparently that wasn't fast enough for the interviewer, which I can appreciate---it is Goldman, after all. Less

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How would you breakdown the cost of this pen?

4 Answers

1. Material cost-direct/in-direct material 2. Labor cost-assembly cost 3. Overhead cost-RD/market/SG&A 4. Profit Less

material price + casting, polishing, packaging, transporation prices.

Selling price - Cost of procurement = Cost of the pen.

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Fenix International

You seem to be in a great company,why are you leaving?

3 Answers

I am actually in a great company and i'm not in really a hurry to leave but if i get a good opportunity i would love to have a specific role where i can hone my HR skills in a specific function. Less

To be challenged proffionally

I want a more challenging job than the one am doing

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