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Graduate engineer mechanical Interview Questions


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The Group Discussion and subsequently the Personal Interview will take place in June/July 2018.

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Please post any updates regarding the shortlisting of candidates .

Can anyone pls tell me what Hawkins company want in the paper that is in ur own hand writing that is to be posted to them

Yes send Ur CV in your handwriting.

Capacity of Boiler at GSECL Sikka, where you have taken vocational training.

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Questions based on your CV/Internships/Industrial Trainings

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component specifications

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About the favourite subject and details in the specific field (1.Thermodynamics-Laws etc)

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Explain the types of Boilers?

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What are the design parameter do you consider while Designing a pump?

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About curriculum and prior internship experience, and few easy to hard technical questions

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Questions where based on subjects like Strength of materials, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Fluid mechanics.

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iIc engines ,turbocharger,motors,pumps,tools,refrigeration,ac

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