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Graduate engineering trainee get Interview Questions


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questions asked from major project and some personal questions

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When you were selected, and many months it took to receive your offer letter. Just want to know, because iam waiting for offer letter since 50 days.

i to did not receive the offer letter until now

When did you have interviewed ,at which date? And which college from you are, is it a pool campus drive?

About projects

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1. Circuits and waveforms of rectifiers in power electronics

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Tell me about your final year project.

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Tech question from Electrical Machines(easy.)

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Electronics and communication all subjects

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What is RAM and ROM

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What makes tata chemicals different from others

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How to measure the flow rate?

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Technical Round: Mainly from Resume, Tell us about yourself, What was the project, How you got idea, Difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor, Zener and Laser diode, Area of interest, Salary expectation, Any other offers you have ? If satisfied in this round, You will be told to wait for HR round otherwise you will be told to wait for final result (Which means FAIL) HR Round: How are you, What do you know about this company, Are you wiling to relocate in Delhi, Difference between GPRS and GSM, Salary expectations, How long you will work with us, Any Queries (Never say NO to this Question. Have some Ready made Answer, I mean Question in your mind) OK, We will tell you the result after 6 PM today. At 6:12 PM, I got a mail of selection.

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