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Gave a Situation of a Fire Burning in company. 3 Options : a) Run out of the company b) Save other People c ) Call fire Service

26 Answers

Answer was : Follow the evacuation procedure (Run out of the comany)

call fire service and save the people

Save other People & Call fire Servic

1000bulbs to be shipped. Should all be tested or not

7 Answers

Why should we hire you?

4 Answers

what are the google products

4 Answers

questions asked from major project and some personal questions

4 Answers

About projects

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What is 99-9+67+87-671+78235-887+999-12+87

3 Answers

Delete the third last element in a singly linked list without using extra pointers..

3 Answers

About the previous experience.

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There is a critical deliverable that requires a key resource to work overtime and on weekends to deliver. He however does not want to stretch beyond office hours to meet the client expectations, despite being compensated handsomely for the extra effort. How will you handle this situation?

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