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Graduate Mechanical Engineer Interview Questions


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We dont have place for you in services and installation, so would you want to join sales?

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No correct or wrong answer. It is personal preference.

Capacity of Boiler at GSECL Sikka, where you have taken vocational training.

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Questions where based on subjects like Strength of materials, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Fluid mechanics.

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sensible heat, latent heat. What does our body dissipate? Banking of Roads(how it helps)

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The Group Discussion and subsequently the Personal Interview will take place in June/July 2018.

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basics HR questions like tell me about yourself and goals. Then interview to technical side. some technical questions i can remember are steady flow energy equation, reynolds number , laminar turbulent flow, pumps, ic engine cycles, laws of thermodynamics. Mostly questions were asked from fluid thermo . some questions from CV.

All questions were from basic subjects like KOM, MOM, TD, HMT, Manufacturing, vibrations etc. One has to posses excellent grasp on his basics to clear the technical round. Questions were really tough and tested our skill to the core. Also to my surprise no questions were asked on composites, since the company specializes in advanced materials I thought more questions would be asked from composites, but not even a single question appeared from that subject.

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