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Bloomberg L.P.
Graduate Software Engineer (London) was asked...16 December 2015

Given an array of integers, delete the max and min numbers (both could appear more than once) in place. Do it in O(n) without shifting.

4 Answers

You could do in one loop, with two cursors :)

Go through the array twice. In the first run save the min and max, in the second run remove them. Both steps are O(N), so the entire algo is also O(N), it does not matter that the array is walked twice. Less

1. find max and min in first loop 2. In second loop following if element is min/max = simply increment a counter else a[i-counter] = a[i]. Less

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Questions about a modified form of blackjack as well as one about sending messaged on stone tablets.

4 Answers

I meant what was the details of the blackjack question? just create a pysdocode / program to win against player? what other rules were there to consider? Less

Hi Could you kindly advise what the expectations were in the answer to this question? Were you to write a program for blackjack? Do you have the choice of programming in any language of your choice. Is pseudo code acceptable? Less

Flapjack is the name of the game that was given, similar rules to black jack, and uses a points based system with 5 rounds. You are supposed to design a program that allows a human to play with a computer. Can be written in pseudo code. Less

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Ocado Technology

There are 2 ropes which both last for 1 hour when burning. Use these 2 ropes to get 1 hour and a half.

4 Answers

Burn first rope (1hr). After that burn second rope but on both ends(0.5 hr).

Join two ropes and burn one in the middle and the other in the end

Why are we burning ropes?

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Examples of teamwork etc. general questions like that

4 Answers

What are group exercise like?

They change it frequently but roughly you have some requirements, and you either have to figure the solution or build the solution (i.e. hiring a candidate based on their skills and requirements, building a Lego bridge to the requirements etc) Less

What’s the best way to response in group exercises? I mean what things you should do in group exercise Less

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I show them my IOT project which works with the MQTT protocol. They ask what other protocols are available for IOT.

4 Answers

If you ask ROUGHLY, it's like a list of incomplete small programs you need to complete/solve. Like a in-class CA. The purpose of this is to understand how you solve problem (logical thinking stuffs). Less

I am not from coding background and have my knowledge limited till functions. Hardly I know anything about classes and objects and other OOPS concepts. So are the questions more inclined towards OOPS concepts or can they be solved without OOPS? Less

I answered them that I have no idea. (lolz)

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Write a function that returns the nth power number, where a power number is a number that can be expressed as x^y. Note that the power number sequence is in ascending order (4, 8, 9, 16, 27, 32, ...).

3 Answers

Would 25 also be a power number? 5^2

Can y=1?

This is the actual series 4, 8, 9, 25, 27, 32, 36. Here x, y > 1, so the smallest power number will be 2^2 i.e. 4 Less

Eclipse Trading

What is your shortcomings?

3 Answers

Actually the process is still going on, I went through a technical interview after that and waiting for the final one. Less

Is there any algorithm question?

my shortcomings are also my virtue, those BS, lol


Present a project that you've worked on

3 Answers

I am interested that how did you reply during the phone interview so that finally they invited you to do in-person interview? Less

Did you finish all the five programs in the first round?

Hi, I would like to know more about the coding test, did you finish it in one hour? How many questions? I receive 5 questions too, I applied as graduate program as well and I haven't any MCQ questions, just coding tasks and 1 hour was not enought time. Less


Asked me a broad range of questions on algorithmics

3 Answers

I brushed up on my algorithmics taught in the 2nd year of my university course before going to the interview. Search algorithms, trees etc. should be sufficient Less

Hi, may I ask if OOP designing question included in the onsite interview?

Hello, did the technical interview involve white board coding or is it not really that style of interview? Thanks! Less

Scott Logic

You are given 8 identical looking balls. One of them is heavier than the rest of the 7 (all the others weigh exactly the same). You a provided with a simple mechanical balance and you are asked to find out the minimum amount of weighings necessary to identify the heavier ball.

3 Answers

The most logical way to do this, is by halving the balls into 2 x 4s. Put each half on each side of a scale, the half that is heavier will contain the heaviest ball, half the heaviest side again and repeat the process until you have one ball on each side of the scale and you find the heaviest ball, this should take only 3 attempts. If anyone has a better answer, please share :) Less

It can be done in two steps, if you divide into 3-3-2 groups. If the 3-3 measures equal, than the heavier is between the two left, and it's just one more step. If one of the 3s is heavier measure two of that group, if they are equal then the third is the heavier, otherwise you have found it on the balance. Less

Incredible that interviewers are still asking this well known brain teaser!

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