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what is the salary you are expecting?

10 Answers

no idea :P

I am expecting 25000 plus

I am expecting 60000/-

Tell us why we should NOT hire you?

6 Answers

are you comfortable with night shift

5 Answers

What is your education?

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Tell me something about Yourself?

3 Answers

if your design is not liked, what will do?

4 Answers

How do you compare two designs?

3 Answers

we will hire u as a Contract employee after seeing your performance we will put u in the on roll position...

3 Answers

Its always good to know to work on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. And also it will be good to finish the task assigned in the given time, always try not to extend the given time and in case if its extended than the given output must accurately over come the more time taken by the person. Its good to answer to their question in as simple way as possible and always keep in mind not to show over smartness by giving extra answers.

2 Answers

why you left the last company?

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