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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interviews in Greater Noida /  HQ: Teaneck, NJ

62 Interviews in Greater Noida (of 5,392)

2.6 Easy

Tata Consultancy Services Interviews in Greater Noida /  HQ: Mumbai, IN

48 Interviews in Greater Noida (of 7,074)

2.7 Average

IBM Interviews in Greater Noida /  HQ: Armonk, NY

37 Interviews in Greater Noida (of 7,481)

2.9 Average

Interview Questions in Greater Noida

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how convert 2 stack into a heap

2 Answers

alogorith for it

Using memcpy to copy a structure into the heap

Difference between Indemnity and Guarantee, Warranty and Representation, Important clauses in a Contract, Intellectual Property Laws, Dispute Resolution, Hot Platter Clauses, Software License

2 Answers

You're given three boxes with red balls in the first one, blue in the second and red and blue both in the third. The boxes are labelled wrongly. Now your task is to identify the colour of the balls in each box. Can it be done in a single step?

3 Answers

Why are you not married yet?

1 Answer

Responsive Design by HTML5

1 Answer

Don't remember details as the interview was in 2006. But profile offered was a challenge as I had to also coordinate placements for students of Post Graduate level

1 Answer

Personal interview technical will check knowledge of Basic of OOPS/C++/Java/DBMS -- - Attitude/Approach to project which is done by student /other soft skill etc.

1 Answer

why u want to leave previous company

1 Answer

Define product life cycle in reference to banking and give eg of product whihc is recently reached end of its PLC

1 Answer

A question on opamp phase margin and noise margin.

1 Answer
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