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How to Manage Customer when last minute Critical issue faced just before UAT

2 Answers

Have a detail discussion with Customer on criticality of issue and convince him, rather than putting under carpet

Good to have detail discussion about last hour crtical issue with client,It is obvious in software develoment probablity of risk will trigger is unexpeced ,Therefore as manager we will have a contigency plan to mitigate the unknow unknow risk.As manager i have to use the contigency plan(schedule and mitigation to overcome the issue) and inform client that using this plan there are chance of delivery as expected if not possible will allow other components to delivery ,keeping this aside.

Tell me about your work experience

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HR Problems

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How will you manage knowledge in ASM programs

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Describe your most challenging project in detail (minimum 25-30 minutes answer)

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At peak times, in a theme park customer satisfaction goes for a toss due to long waiting periods at the rides. How can you solve this problem using technology?

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How do you evaluate your process for forming a team with good skills

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Tell me about yourself.

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Why are you looking for HCL as an employer?

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