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Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins

31 Answers

1. to hit people 2. as a paper weight 3. remove the spring from inside and use it for some mechanical purposes 4. to remove staple pins 5. to out a nail in the wall.

1. Door stop. 2. Use the stapler as collateral for a loan that you use to buy staples and operate the stapler (which is hopefully helps you pay of the loan in some way...) 3. To scrape off ice from your car window. 4. Bottle opener. 5. Pet Stapler.

5 uses for a stapler without staple pins, huh? I would tell my interviewer that it could be used as a weight to hold down your papers, it could help level out an unsteady table, it could prop open a door, it could keep open a window that keeps closing, and i'd let them know that it is on retainer to meet other needs in the office as they come up.

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case studies

8 Answers

None. All were easy, related to the job experience and the case study they gave.

7 Answers

It was easy... consist of puzzles & case studies.

4 Answers

how did u handle multicolleanarity in logistic model

4 Answers

How would you fill out exact 4 liters in a Can of 5 liters and another Can of 3 liters, with unlimited supply of water?

4 Answers

How many 1/2 litre bottles of pepsi are consumed in delhi each month ?

3 Answers

your qualities for which you should be hired for the position.

3 Answers

All of the rounds were quite normal and related to the basic question Why do you want to join? Why are leaving current Organization etc. Basic finance question DCF, Ratio, Current economic senario

3 Answers

There are 27 identical balls with only one ball having a different weight from others. Give the minimum possible steps to identify that mis-weighted ball.

3 Answers
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