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What are your weekensses?

4 Answers

I am very talkative and a poor listener.

i would like to do only interested subjects , once i get interest in the subject, i never leave, but its difficult to do which i am not intersted : thats my weakness.

Ever never I loose my temper when anybody cheat me acoording to work

Imagine, if you're outside a room and there are 3 (three) switches right next to you, each switch corresponds to a bulb placed in the closed room right in-front of you, how would you know without only going inside the room once, that which switch exactly corresponds to which bulb? (You can only go inside once)

3 Answers

Count number of letter 'A' in a printed page

2 Answers

What we do in logistics? How you can improve process in logistics? what kind of work you did? How will you manage if some deliveries getting late?

2 Answers

What has been your past experience in this role and what were the challenges there?

2 Answers

How will you cope up with situation when your smes have greater understanding of process than you? Why are you joining Genpact when you are working in org that pays better?.... .

2 Answers

Are you open to relocation?

1 Answer

Tell me somithing About your self?

1 Answer

There were no difficult questions asked

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself?

1 Answer
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