Senior web developer Interview Questions in Gurgaon, Haryana |

Senior web developer Interview Questions in Gurgaon, Haryana


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Basic and Intermediate JavaScript, Angular questions. About current project structure and other asked to write palindrome related program in java script.

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Yes, all of above.

They will ask you from basic to advanced questions, no matter how well structured is your answer, if you not explaining them in their way (which god knows) you won’t be selected.

Responsive design , wireframes & CSS/HTML basics

One Demo 12 hours given.

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Tell me your years of experience. Whats your date of birth. When did you pass out from college. What qualifications you have. are you single or married? Whats your native place. Ready to relocate to pune. Having 5 years of experience and located to gurgaon,why shall I be relocating to Pune. Being female and asking age and DOB was something not supposed to be have asked during a technical interview. Diff btwn jdk 1.4 n 1.5 Concurrent hashmap explain Diff between hashmap n hashtable. What is spring ioc.