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Technical lead Interview Questions in Gurgaon, Haryana


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What are your weekensses?

4 Answers

I am very talkative and a poor listener.

i would like to do only interested subjects , once i get interest in the subject, i never leave, but its difficult to do which i am not intersted : thats my weakness.

Ever never I loose my temper when anybody cheat me acoording to work

Given a table containing Employee names & Age, give a SQL Select query to find out the list of 2nd oldest people.

3 Answers

Questions on Logarithms

3 Answers

All about my previous experience and any specific activity done in college

2 Answers

Implementing a BlockingQueue and Read-write lock.

2 Answers

1. Why you want to leave your current employer and want to join Mercer? 2. Questions related to MS excel

2 Answers

How will you design database table for fast insert.

2 Answers

What is Model Binding?

2 Answers

They grill you with complete SDLC process and then try to know your strength which matches the requirement. In my case the second level of Interview was on Penetration testing

2 Answers

She asked to do estimation and divide one functionality into tasks and subtasks

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