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Ui developer Interview Questions in Gurgaon, Haryana


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There is a 100-storey building and you have only 2 eggs. Now you have to find out that the floor from where the eggs will break.

3 Answers

Starting with the basic and easiest solution is that we go floor by floor. in the worst case, the answer would be the 100th floor. Another strategy could be you divide and then find out. for example, if we divide it in a set of 3 (30-30-40). And so.

Worst case 19 10,20,30..........90,100,.....91........99 ==19 efficient Answer is 14...

First floor

Can you move to gurgaon location?

2 Answers

What is Event bubbling?

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How to make a triangle in CSS?

2 Answers

basic concepts of react

1 Answer

What would be the class of the container, for a strcture where you have container with title and image.

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Increase progress of web page

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What is your notice period duration?

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questions on es6, oojs and why you want to join nagarro.

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They asked about the basc skills regarding the profile

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