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Hardware design engineer Interview Questions


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What will be the output if 100 volt DC is fed into 1:2 Transformer ?

4 Answers

Zero. Because, Transformer never allow DC power.

Zero ...Because transformer is ac

Core Gets Saturated. Lol !

What should be done just before sending out a signal into another domain if its under your control?

3 Answers

Explain the how capacitor works

1 Answer

Difference between cmos and transistor?

1 Answer

Design a comparator, flip flop, find the equivalent current at the node.

1 Answer

If we give 5v DC to transformer having 1:5 turns ratio what is output?

1 Answer

ISR, MicroController Architecture

1 Answer

The last was HR round. The HR asked me about my strengths and weaknesses. He also asked me if I had any problem moving out of my hometown. But the crucial question was..with your academics why aren't you pursuing higher study?

1 Answer

They asked this list of question 1 opamp phase shift 2.formulas of opamp 3.applications of opamp 4.low pass filter and high pass filter calculations 5.transistor switching daigram

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