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Internal diagram of flipflop

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Newton's laws of motion

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Previous company project related questions.

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What should be done just before sending out a signal into another domain if its under your control?

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Explain setup and hold time using D flip flop on a transistor level.

I was shortlisted for the second round (Hardware stream). Second round was Technical interview. In interview,they asked about the questions which I correctly answered in written exam.then they asked basic ece questions (basic analog circuits). then they asked regarding my favorite subject , (basic microcontroller questions). Then proceeded by my resume ,which included my projects.

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Product Development Current Projects High Speed Design Micro controller Selection

The most difficult part of the interview was when they gave me real situations of employee conflict and asked me to perform to come out of them.

SMPS, POWER SUPPLIES , Basics RLC circuit question along with some BJT questions.

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