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Napier Healthcare
Project Manager & Pre-Sales Head was asked...1 December 2016

Ability to handle teams

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How did you answer this question? (Optional)

Napier Healthcare

1. Describe work experience

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Took the interviewer through my work experience

Napier Healthcare

Ability to handle customers

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Arts Alliance Media

How flexible I was in terms of new environments as there are not many project managers with the specific experience they were looking for.


What are your strengths/ weaknesses. Am I good at Atari

Navigators Software

what are the softwares and methodologies we used in your previous experiences for software development

Navigators Software

how do you relate project management and software development

Health Care at Home

Asked me about my experience at other start-up, and the actions taken to overcome issues.


AA section was too much - asked to plan SQL DB scheme of the fly, create distributes message queue and log analyser. That was quit fun, but not for manager role.

Head PM was asked...4 October 2015

What would you like to do in 3 years time?

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