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Pan-American Charter School
High School Science Teacher was asked...29 November 2017

Class room management

1 Answers

I just shared my previous experience

DSST Public Schools

What can you bring to DSST?

1 Answers

Resources from academia, programs that can bring in additional funding for classrooms, start up a science fair since this is a science heavy school, etc. Less

Manassas Park City Schools

I was asked specifically what techniques I would employ to reach a non-participating student, and/or one with cultural differences from my personal experience.

1 Answers

I stated I would attempt to reach out to the student personally to try to identify why they weren't participating, basically establishing a relationship of trust with the student. Less

Spectrum Academy

How would you handle an agitated parent during a parent-teacher conference?

1 Answers

I will answer this question from my own experience- first of all, I will allow the parent to speak as much as he/she wants and keep making mental note of the major concerns. Once he/she has finished, I would start calmly but firmly starting with... I have listened to your concerns carefully.. while I understand your point of view but I am sure, in the interest of your ward you would like to consider another point of view too. Now I can start addressing each point one by one. In case our conversation reaches a dead end, I would suggest politely that the matter be taken up to a higher level too. Less

Henrico County Public Schools

They asked if I had a preferred work location (which school in the county). I requested the 3 schools with the most challenging students.

1 Answers

I thought they would jump at the chance to place someone there since others sometimes run from those situations. They both agreed I would be a great fit for another school with a very diverse population. Six years later, i had to agree that they were correct in their assessment that it would be a "perfect fit" for me. Less

Chicago Collegiate Charter School

Show me how you would teach a class.

1 Answers

I started to go through my opening lesson introduction process. I discovered later that they were looking for "First Five". Important to know. Less

Noble Network of Charter Schools

What would you do if a senior broke a rule that would have earned them a detention and prevented them from walking at graduation. Would you follow the rule?

1 Answers

I would discuss the situation with my colleagues and come to a consensus. It's too important a decision to make on my own without all the pertinent information. Less

Compass High School

I did most of the talking, however they were fushing for information leading to no student should he left behind.

1 Answers

leave no student behind and understand how they absorb information.

The Winchendon School

They asked a student behavioral scenario, and asked how I would manage it?

1 Answers

I answered it honestly, and explained what I would do.

Charles County Public Schools

How would you differentiate instruction for non English-speaking students?

1 Answers

I would chunk a lot of a the text and assignments and offer visual aids when appropriate. I would also encourage the student to use their translation dictionary. Also, you do Ising human resources within the building is also an option. Sometimes it may be beneficial to pair a low level Non English-speaking student with a another student who is more fluent in the language. I would also reach out to the AP level language students and and bite then into my classroom as student aides or tutors. Less

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