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Crossings Christian School
History Teacher was asked...30 March 2015

They asked about my experience.

1 Answers

I briefly shared my experience.


Mainly general questions about teaching philosophy.

1 Answers

This will be different depending on your teaching philosophy - but talking about the importance of student centered learning, choice, and challenge are always strong answers. Less

Chicago Public Schools

I was given a list of questions about American History to answer.

1 Answers

I answered all of them verbally, although I did get one of the 19 questions wrong. Less

Uncommon Schools

I was asked to explain why I chose to apply to teach with Uncommon Schools.

1 Answers

I was sure to explain the way my personal interest in teaching coincided with the mission of Uncommon Schools Network, and the particular school I was interviewing for. Less

Teach First

Scenario interview: You are on a school trip and one of the kids are not eating in lunch time. When you ask, they say they have eaten everything in the morning. What would you do?

1 Answers

I said it depends on the situation, if there is a shop, I would buy them some food, if there isn't I would share my food with them. After the school trip I would talk to their tutor or support team in the school to check if it is likely that the kid and the family has some financial difficulties as it is possible that kids eat there food early, but it is also can be a signal that there are problems. So I reflected the Teach first values by putting the kid first. Less

Fusion Academy

What would I do if a student was pregnant?

1 Answers

I was like a dear in headlights. I gave them the answer they wanted (tell the parents). I would have to refresh myself of the state laws on this. I know in NJ the school would never inform then parents but if they are under 18 they go to Planned Parenthood and PP calls the family. What I do know is that information is none of my business. Less

YES Prep Public Schools

What is more important: meeting deadlines or delivering quality? What is your greatest weakness? Describe a time in which you had conflict with someone.

1 Answers

The first question sets up a false choice. Institutions need all kinds of people (see Meyers Briggs personality types), and meeting deadlines is very important for the smooth functioning of the institution. Delivering quality does not need to mean being late with grade reports, comments, etc, just as meeting deadlines does not have to mean poor or mediocre quality. Whenever a choice between A and B is presented, do not assume they are the only choices. The question is being asked, likely, because someone at the school made this argument, in either direction: you want better, give me more time, or you want quality, then you need to be patient. Both responses are immature. That said, life is always about making choices and finding a balance, and sometimes good enough has to be...good enough. Answer the second question honestly, although I would qualify my answer as "ONE of my greatest weaknesses as a teacher is...." Personal weaknesses are not for fodder for public consumption, so long as you are not locking yourself in your classroom to surf porn. The question about conflict should not elicit an emotional response, nor a long one. Succinct is best, with a brief statement describing the nature of the conflict and how you resolved it, or tried to resolve it, especially before soliciting the help of middle management. Good rule to follow: Consume as much of your own smoke as possible. Less

Lewisville Independent School System

Generic Teacher Method questions.

1 Answers

Buzz words all day long. Scaffolding, Differentiated Instruction, Peer Assessment, Cooperative Learning, Higher-Order Thinking Skills, BYOD/BYOT Bring Your Own Device, or Bring Your Own Technology, IEP wisdom, CHAMPS, Capturing Kids Hears, AVID, Inclusion and wait time. I told personal stories and even got emotional because of a Special Education question I tied back to my sister. I answered that "my sister would not have the struggles she has today if she had been a student in my class with the resources I am able to tap and utilize." Got me all choked up. They liked that. Less

Are you okay teaching the Catholic curriculum and furthering its cause?

1 Answers

Yes, although that is a very terrible way to perform education and interviewing. Everyone says yes even if they aren't comfortable with that. Less

Oaks Christian School

What kind of books or journals do you read?

1 Answers

I listed what I read. Honestly, even if you don't read anything just rattle off some names of books and journals that you know. Less

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