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Seddiqi Holding
Hospitality Associate was asked...9 April 2019

how do you handle the pressure? what makes you suitable for this role? how will you manage conflict?

6 Answers

First of all in sales I personally set a benchmark for every month that should justify my salary. For example when I was working with BMW at least 2 cars in a month will justify my salary. This has to be done. Handling pressure for me is not give up and keep trying till the last working minute of the month. Either it'll happen on the same time or I'll have the upper hand or I may say a hot prospect for the next month in advance. Managing any conflict with customer, first step is to listen to him calmly and understand the problem and then giving him the proper solution to it or request for more time. And in case if he's not trying to listen to me then I should call my immediate boss for help. Less

because i worked under pressure i can handle but my role if we work as a team will not have this pressure because i have experience how to handke the customer and make him happy Less

1.remain calm always ,stay focused on what needs to be accomplished 2 .I can do the work and deliver exceptional results 3. Talk with the other person and listen carefully Less

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Solomon Page

Instead of having a training period for 4-6 weeks, would you be open to working on a contract, hourly basis, with no commission for 4-5 months with no promises of being brought on full-time?

3 Answers

**I Would Get Cracking Right Away **Work First Than We Will See What Boss Offers ** Less

I Just Enjoy Working In Hospitality Line ** That Is a Must**Not Just a Job**Warren And Bill Are The Richest**And Quite Old**But Work Still as They Enjoy The Discipline** AL SAYEE Less

All Due Respects**If Offered A Job**It is a Great Privilege * If I was There... Answer would be..Thank You..When Can I Start.. All Jobs Are Performance Related.. Rewards Come On Good Performance... AL SAYEE Less

Wells Fargo

What are the lines in a hotel operating profit and loss statement.

3 Answers

very helpful. thanks, idiot

+Department Revenues -Department Expenses =Department Income -Undistributed Expenses =Gross Profit -Fixed Expenses =Net Operating Income Less

Very easy, just memorize it from the book before you go in. From past and current interviewees, they will ALWAYS ask this question. Less

Marylebone Cricket Club
Hospitality was asked...15 February 2017

Why would I be good for this role?

2 Answers

I am good at communicating, good with going the extra mile for customers....

Everyone should follow the rules to show quality of your team.

Compass Group

Why should we hire you?

2 Answers

Cover Note Dear sir / mam I’m Amit Tiwari, I’m Indian I have golf country work experience. I have 6 years experience as a waiter . currently I’m working in Beach Hotel (MH group of hotels) Dubai UAE (United Arab emirates) I completed basic food safety and hygiene course from Dubai UAE. I have excellent grooming standard. I’m good in cash handling and barista. I have good knowledge of normal POS system In current Hotel My duties in room service, mini bar, coffee shop , take orders from the guest and clean the dirty tables in the restaurant Thank you sir / mam Amit Tiwari Less

Because of my personal interest in Rugby, the opportunity to work in an environment with constant atmosphere and in fast paced role suits my personality. I like to keep busy and while I have ( or while i may not have) experience in this role, I am interested in learning and developing my skills. Less

Arc Hospitality Recruitment

Do you have any experience?

2 Answers

No ( you're later given training)


Let me know if you drink or smoke, if I find out myself I'll fire you

2 Answers



HotelPro Staffing

Would you still considered putting in overtime if not all supplies are not possible at the moment when need of quickness.

2 Answers

If possible the notification was mention before the beginning of the schedule so you aware of the precautions that you are having to take. Less


Reign Management (NJ)

Can you work late hours?

2 Answers


You are expected to work +12 hours a day 5-6 days a week

Compass Group

why do you think you should be chosen for this position?

2 Answers

I'm hard working, great team player, reliable, quick learner etc etc

cuz i got a 10inch and great performer in front of the camera - porn industry

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