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Have you experience in angular js?

3 Answers

No, I don't have experience in angular js, I told to HR on phone conversation.


Yes I have 1 year experience in angularJS

every thing related to front end technologies and sql

2 Answers

How to debug browser related issues ?

2 Answers

CSS 3 concepts

1 Answer

1).5 new tags in HTML,Doctype usage,difference between & ,types of CSS,usage,link CSS ,JavaScript file to an HTML file,change image to link,program to enter 1 to 12 element serially in 3*4 matrix,get & post difference,what is new in CSS3,star pattern program

1 Answer

Its a good company I guess from outside and what they project on their online website.Good to join for those who don't have salary issue and just want to learn the technologies & also who are not getting jobs /not able to crack interviews.

1 Answer

is any other skill needed to become html developer

1 Answer

aptitude test

1 Answer

technical round 1 1.introduction 2.puzzle to check if you can use your mind 3.oops concept 4.if..else condition,switch case etc.3.about your project technical round 2 1.intro 2.interest 3. discuss about your project 4.tell the mistakes you have made in subjective test round 1 5.html logic questions and about website security

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