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Visions Personnel Services
Human Resources Administrator was asked...10 March 2019

tell me about your self

6 Answers

I basically told them about my background

Arshad Mehmood

I am from pakistan ,have valid passport also have heavy driving licence with 10 year experience Less

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Contour Software

Job Experiences? Current Salary? Expected Salary? Notice Period? Why you want to switch? etc

5 Answers

How was your test?

3 year experience current sallery 30k expected sallery 40k 1 month notice period

Recently resignation from HIGHQ PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY as a assistant manager information technology and surveillance others under department HR,Admin, canteen, account current salary 50000 only plus allowance.medical and transportation. Less

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"I know we are not allowed to ask you this and you dont have to answer but I am going to ask you anyway" 1) is there anything you want to tell us? 2) how old are you? 3) what is your marital status? 4) do you have any children?

2 Answers

They concentrated solely on my personal circumstances and then said they were not able to do their annual trip away because too many people went on maternity leave!!! Less

Wow that’s absolutely shocking that you would be asked such questions. Clearly their HR “professional” knows little of the Equality Act. Less

Apogee Corporation

What could I offer the company

2 Answers

I am committed, reliable, confident, self motivated and could work well within a team or alone and not afraid of hard work. Less

I am an asset to an organization in terms of achieving long term goals. I have patience to act in various situations in any department. I have time management skills with accuracy. When it comes to confidentialty i am very particular and strict towards myself and with others. I believe in integrity and equality. Less

NatWest Group

Are you willing to wait back long hours?

2 Answers




If you have a backlog of things to do and you don't think you can complete all on time; what do you do?

2 Answers

Prioritize the duties and do the most important ones first and least last.

Call in sick

CDL Software

What do you know about us?

2 Answers

Name a skill you have recently gained.

The boss resembles a toad and is called Garry. Odious creature Nigel the company mouth piece is extremely nauseous. Rob Stokes cheats on wife, he is a bum and Dr Shipman's best friend do us all a favour go join him. Steve Orford usually gets a taxi with his wardrobe packed it in it. Another dirty cheat BO central. And in Nick you won't find a finer perrick. TLDR a bunch of creeps right there in hierarchy and we only scratched the surface. Less


How do you feel about Obamacare?

2 Answers

This company is retarded. The question had no relevance to my position in HR. I have a masters and more experience required for this position, I am pretty sure they didn't like the fact that I wasn't prepared to speak about Obamacare. Less

I couldn't agree more! I am a current employee and quite honestly only until something better comes along. The people who "run the show" here do NOT have a clue! Ever hear of the phrase " right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing"? WELL at SGS Im pretty sure the right hand isn't even aware that there IS A LEFT HAND!!! They could CARE LESS about their workforce ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS $$$$$. I have personally watched middle management FLAT OUT LIE to employees AND lie ABOUT them! They do not think twice about throwing their employees under the bus- after all look at the turnover- there's a sucker born every minute and SGS will just hire another SUCKER to replace you! If you interviewed with them and didn't get hired, trust me they did you a FAVOR, because within 4-6 mo they would be piling up their standard "non-compliance" reason to get rid of you!!!! TERRIBLE COMPANY TO WORK FOR!!! Less

You will mainly asked about recent work experiences, skills as well as what's your expected salary.

2 Answers

Be yourself and tell the truth. There's no right or wrong question.

Setting up and chairing meetings. Keeping records on file of all communication. Keeping records of meeting minutes. Preparing future meeting packs with correct documentation. Ensuring complete filing system is maintaned. Ensuring office beverages are stocked fir staff. Ensuring safe and healthy working environment. Arranging staff training and planning and executing marketing events to showcase products to new clients. Less


Questions were 1: Tell me about yourself. When I started to ask questions, I discovered that she had no details from client site about the job details and I was only given some very general answer.

2 Answers

She made me lose confidence the moment she wanted to send me an offer already. :)) If someone from Sapienza will read my review, maybe you consider a more in depth approach of your interviews to include the hiring manager and the interviewer to be more prepared. I didn't ask rocket science...all I had were questions related to the job, which she should have known, had she been prepared. Like this she only left me with some superficial image of the company. And my expectations before the interview were completely different. And yes, maybe you also do sth about pension and medical insurance or at least you increase the gross payment to allow for such payment coverage. Less

Since I can't edit this review...I am posting here a follow-up. A more senior recruiter I believe, has contacted me and has answered all my questions and had the approach I was expecting from an interview: ask me questions, ask them questions, explain to me their ways of working, walk me through the next steps. Still suggestion to Recruiting Manager remains....train properly your team...that initial contact impression with your company remains. Less

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