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How many smaller cubes are completely invisible in a n*n*n rubic's cube?

7 Answers

n^3- 6n^2 The number of cubes are n^3(volume). The number of cubes exposing one or more sides( 6 *( n^2) - all cubes on the sides.) Number of invisible cubes are n^3- 6n^2 .

Isn't the answer none since the question says "completely invisible"? every unit is visible by at least one side so any sub cube (made of these units) has a portion exposed.


Whats your expectation from TCS?

5 Answers

what is the demand planning and forecasting process.

1 Answer

what is the probablity that a player could win a game with high card in a poker game?

1 Answer

Tell me about your college days

1 Answer

Why Tausch?

1 Answer

All the questions they put on you is to know more about you. My best advise is don't focus more on preparing for interview questions. Its better to be True to yourself and show it in your voice and presentation.

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I'm from electronics but they asked me what wud i do if they put me in something which require pure programming?

1 Answer

They asked about one of my project in machine learning. Challenges faced. Nothing much technical but tricky questions.

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Case study questions that test analytical skills

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