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You have a machine that can create anything. You just have to specify the details, and voila, it will give you the output. Design test cases for such a machine

4 Answers

I looked for fringe cases. As in, one test case was to test the level of intelligence of the machine, as in can it produce another copy of itself. Second test case i suggested was, whether machine could understand vague instructions, and much will it assume on its own, take any random stuff - like a coffee machine with a blueray drive ( sounds weird, huh)

I ll give the details of the machine to the same machine and ask the machine to prepare the test case....

@Hemanth: but this will never tell you if the machine is working correctly, which is your task at hand ... as in, if the machine is not working correctly, it may give you wrong test cases, which may succeed (by chance) ... (open for argument...)

Write a program in C to add two numbers without using any maths operator (+, -, /, *).

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Swapping integers without using additional space

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How many layers are there in OSI

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Reverse a string

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Problem of concurrent transactions done by two persons of a joint account at two different ATM Machines. How is it managed without introducing any inconsistency in balance of the account holders?

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Explain Factors in CAPM.

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Questions are simple

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Nothing like that , Just Need Basics and Practicality, rest will be Taught by time as you struggle to sustain in The Job

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what do you know about marketing and sales?

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