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Php developer Interview Questions in Hyderabad


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do u know anything about php.......

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php is a scripting language php is a recursive acronym which stands for hyper text preprocessor or personal home page

its a open source mostly we use in web related

They discussed projects and Its skills.

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create a project with CRUD, one algorithm logic and insert data in db for testing.

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Technology related questions on PHP, WordPress, Shopify, Magento

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How To get Last 3 Records In Mysql?

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How to add aws plugin in PHP?

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Variable name of max execution time constant in php?

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what is default port number of MySQL? what is the default SSL port? what are joins explain briefly? what is the difference between inner join and left and right joins? There is an array with some elements and find out second max element of an array without using any built in function? How you can assign the value to a HTML input element using j query? How you can read a HTML element value using j query?

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Sessions and cookies

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