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about imaging quality ,patient care and safety ,daily operation

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through phone if possible

How did they take such an uneducated person!

Radiology is part of the service industry and as a service provider one needs to understand quality and delivery of service. This includes knowledge of customer service, customer satisfaction and all its related issues as well as quality assurance and improvement issues.Service quality and delivery in radiology . Nevertheless, both are required for customer satisfaction.Revenue generation is not the main concern of the department but cost control is of utmost importance.Good customer service can be defined as the ability of an organisation to constantly and consistently give their customers what they want and need, while excellent customer service means the organisation is able to constantly and consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.Quality assurance describes the introduction of documentation, and standardization of quality systems and procedures to give customers confidence that the services would meet their expectations. Quality assurance means assurance of minimum quality standards, which are set by an external regulatory body and enforced through accreditation or certification combined with regular inspections.Quality improvement is developed locally in response to the needs of the organisation or department. Quality improvement or continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a process that focuses on the processes of delivery of care and continuous improvement of performance indicators in radiology.Reliability – In radiology, this means correct examination must be performed so that the correct views can be obtained. The report must be accurate and of high quality, regardless of who is reporting e.g., resident or consultant, and the report must answer the clinical problem of the patient.Responsiveness – willingness and ability to help customers promptly. In radiology, this means being able to get appointments for patients quickly as well as sending the films and report soon after the examination to the referring doctor. Long waiting times for appointments and taking more than a couple of hours to generate an urgent report Assurance – . Customers must get the feeling that they are receiving the best service and must have confidence in the service. In radiology, interpersonal skills, as they must be able to interact with both patients and referring physicians. Many radiologists do not bother to interact or talk to patients but the need for this interaction is growing, especially with interventional procedures.Empathy – the radiologist needs to show some degree of caring and attention to customers. This again highlights the importance of interpersonal skills, which starts from front desk reception staff to the radiologist.The radio logic technologist acts to advance the principal objective of the profession provide services to humanity with full respect for the dignity of mankind. The radio logic technologist uses equipment and accessories, employs techniques and procedures,performs services in accordance with an minimizing radiation exposure to the patient,self, and other members of the healthcare team. MRI Safety .Daily operations Key working relationships: All Radiographers, Consultant Radiologists, Nursing,Medical and Allied Health personnel, colleague heads of departments across all categories of staff,Key reporting relationships: Chief Executive, Head of Nursing and Clinical Services and Clinical Director Radiology,Your primary function will be in the delivery of a professional and comprehensive radiography service, strategic planning and overall daily running of the radiology service. The main responsibility is to manage, plan, organised and co-ordinate all aspects of the services and the department. • To communicate effectively with staff at various levels of seniority and from many disciplines with Radiology and throughout the hospital. To manage the department in a rapidly changing environment with a willingness to undertake additional duties as may be assigned from time to time if essential.. Radiography duties efficient service,Making recommendations relative to improving patient care and staff requirement to line manager. Development of operational policies protocols and guidelines to maximize resources and ensure systematic audit of such usage. Ensuring a good working relationship with the Consultant staff of the hospital and other clinical colleagues. ensuring that the necessary processes and procedures are in place to meet the applicable regulatory requirements for the department. To work closely with the Director of Radiology in the development of the services. To ensure that the availability of all modalities in the department meet the demands of the referring physicians.Arrange the necessary training and education for radiology staff as may be required from time to time and CME . infection control, quality, safety policies.. Collaborate in the implementation of the accreditation programme and ensuring standards of care are met and regularly evaluated

they will ask two yers of bond which is very pathetic

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Did you able to do Quality checking for Image Editing( International or National standard)

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would you able to design a templates

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where do i see myself in next 5 years?

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Work experience?

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Colour difference in RGB & CMYK Difference between vector and Pixeks & so..

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What is your strength?

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Asked about Eigen vectors, CNN, etc

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