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Store Human Resources Manager was asked...24 July 2015

Have I been to. An ikea store

2 Answers

Since there are no. Stores in India I had not physically visited but I had seen on the net the layout and the various parameters involved so had any idea of the store. Less

I am Kuwait now

JPMorgan Chase & Co

How old are you?

1 Answers

19 years old

U.S. Bank

1. Why do you want to work for U.S. Bank? 2. Do you have sales experience? 3. If so, sell me this pen. 4. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer?

1 Answers

To answer this question, I would advise the candidate to do some research on U.S. Bank as a company. Find a few interesting key facts that resonate with you and connect it to your own experience. Does the company advocate charity, community involvement, volunteer work, etc.? Do you feel strongly about the company's culture? The second question is one of the most cliche interview questions out there. However, the interviewer wants to see your thought process and ability to execute an intelligent pitch. Instead of describing inventive things that the pen features, focus on asking open ended questions to understand the client's need(s). Believe it or not, you will be executing this type of transaction on the job, so get familiar with it! The remainder of the questions will be generally behavioral. Best of luck and I hope this helps! Less

Lowe's Home Improvement

Behavioral questions. They read off a script, write your answers, and judge it based on their point system.

1 Answers

Give your situation and how it was resolved.

Huntington National Bank

Long term goals, where do you see yourself.

1 Answers

As a part of a growing company like this one and hopefully in upper management in the near future. Less

Huntington National Bank

Have you ever encountered an unhappy customer? What did you do and the process behind how you dealt with the customer and then ultimately solve the customers needs.

1 Answers

Basically, unhappy customers need to vent to someone, that someone is you because you were the one that is helping them today. It's important to remember that this customer has nothing personal against you, the issue has them upset. So I let them vent, then I show compassion, "I'm sorry that this happened to you, but together we are going to work through this issue and correct everything that we can on our end to the best of our ability." Make sure that you show you understand the customers frustration and that you will do your best to rectify the situation. Less

Quality Food

What hours could I work?

1 Answers

I responded days or evening. i asked what the hours were and the recruiter did not know. Less


They always end with tell me why you would be a good fit for our team

1 Answers

Make sure you say commitment to excellence ( Chevron has tenets of operations that is the core to the company) Tell them how well you work with others and under pressure. Communication is also great. Less


Questions are very subjective (influenced by personal feelings) and can get monotonous while they emphasize on values and family, more than trying to understand the subject knowledge.

1 Answers

Being transparent and honest is what helps derive the best answer.

Huntington National Bank

Do I like working weekends, dealing with different people.

1 Answers

I had no problem with either

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