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OnBrand 24
Inbound Call Center Agent was asked...4 June 2017

Do you have any questions?

1 Answers

I personally didn't have many past pay and work week schedules.

OnBrand 24

What is your availability?

1 Answers

I had an open availability. Though they are willing to work with you.

Cognizant Technology Solutions

walk me through your BPO experience. what was your work experience

1 Answers

i just told the interviewer with my experience.

OnBrand 24

Are you comfortable navigating around a computer?

1 Answers

I personally am very comfortable with computers. I used to program some and even did some web design. Mainly I game now. Less

OnBrand 24

What are your skills?

1 Answers

I told him I was a fast learner and more so with hands on work. I am patient and attentive. My communication techniques are fairly strong. I am a go getter. I believe if at first you don't succeed, throw your shoulders into the yolk and pull harder. I don't get discouraged often. I am a team player. Most importantly I believe in helping the customer. Less

OnBrand 24

What is your working background?

1 Answers

I have done everything from childcare to customer service. My main background is loaded with customer service experience. Less


Tell me about yourself. What are your insights about Call Center?

1 Answers

Name, educational attainment, job experience, skills.


In which position do you see yourself in this company in a few years?


Where do youvsee yourself in 5 years


Describe a time when you were able to persuade someone to buy something even when they had hesitations

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