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Analytical chemist Interview Questions in India


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How will you develop a method by Chromatography for a high matrix ed samples?

4 Answers

trial and error

Depends on the type of matrix . If proteins present, then electrophoretic method will be good but it's time consuming. If other species, then column and fractional chromarography would be ideal.


how much hike do you need?

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what are the types of methods of analysis for quantification of marker in a high matrix ed samples?

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Questions on hands on experience on GC, Mass Spectroscopy, HPLC and smoking machines. Further to this reasons for leaving previous job was asked and an assurance was taken not to hop jobs very frequently. Report writing skills were asked since a huge number of reports have to be made based on analytical and sensory evaluation of new products launched in the market.

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What is the formula for moraity, molality, ph, how to make solutions, Buffers etc.

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