Assistant manager Interview Questions in India |

Assistant manager Interview Questions in India


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Where do you see after 5 years?

8 Answers

I wii become vice presidents

after 5 years, i will get the maximum whatever u provide in 5 years.....

After 5 years i may be in your position

Tell me about yourself?

7 Answers

How will you convince people if they say no, we dont need your relatives or friends account. We need solid business.

4 Answers

Tell me about your Hobbies and intrest

6 Answers

Why u are coming to join reliance.

4 Answers

Why you want to join this company

4 Answers

In case of floods, the funds given to farmers as loan are not being re-payed. How should the bank as a financial institution react to this crisis.

4 Answers

Reaction if the company terminated for no reason

2 Answers

As I a have degree in Computer Science , so they asked me why you want to join the bank if you can go in IT. All their questions are to check that you will not leave the job after getting selected.

2 Answers

Why Calcutta?

3 Answers
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