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Associate consultant Interview Questions in India


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Number Series : 1 6 12 13 19 _

4 Answers


Answer: 24 These are pins which are grounded. See:

31 difference of any instant two (right minus left) is kept in the alternate left place. so 31 (?) 19 =12

How do u handle an abusive client?

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i have completed managerial round of interview but i didn't got any updated is almost 2 weeks goon, should i keep hope on this or not .......?

3 Answers

The interview was okay.

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Hackathon Round question: Accept a series from user and check whether the series is Fibonacci series, Algebraic series or a Geometric series. If anyone of the series then calculate its next number in the series and display the series with the new number. If its none of the series mentioned the answer to be displayed is -999.

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What can lead to a project failure?

5 Answers

What do you know about PLM??

2 Answers

They asked to explain the recent project that in have worked on. (Which took 20 minutes ) then They focused on the skills i had mentioned in the resume. i was asked to grade myself in those skills

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Sql querries they have asked

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they asked simple C,C++ questions and whatever u mentioned in resume.

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