Associate software engineer Interview Questions in India |

Associate software engineer Interview Questions in India


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What is your dream job ?

9 Answers

Have you got result after interview

have you received offer letter?

Did you received ur offer letter?

1st round was apti round then 2nd round was they give an question we have to write progamme to solve this one and also wrrite a flow chart for the same programme

6 Answers

In Array find largest second number ?

5 Answers

Why the potholes have circular opening?

5 Answers

1.difference between abstract class,interface

4 Answers

enter any odd positive no . and do output as n=3 @@@ @@@ @@@***@ @@@ @@@ n=5 @@@@@ @@@@ @@@@@ @ @@@@@*****@ @@@@@ @ @@@@@ @@@@@

4 Answers

programming 1) print pattern 2,3,5,7,......

4 Answers

explain basic OOP concepts.

4 Answers

I was not able to code reversing a Query using recursion. :(

3 Answers

there are 8 bottles, 1 of them is defective. you are given a weighing machine and you are only allowed to weigh twice, how will you identify which bottle is the defective one

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