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Associate Business Technical Analyst was asked...24 August 2015

Describe a time when you...disagreed with peer, with manager, solved a stressful situation, came up with something creative.

1 Answers

They didn't really seem to care about my answers. Seemed like they had other things to do. I think they just scribbled down some answers and convened afterword to look for keywords like "requirements" and "HIGHRup". Less


What are the different types of PL/SQL program units that can be defined and stored in ORACLE database ? Procedures and Functions,Packages and Database Triggers. What are the advantages of having a Package ? Increased functionality (for example,global package variables can be declared and used by any proecdure in the package) and performance (for example all objects of the package are parsed compiled, and loaded into memory once) What are the uses of Database Trigger ? Database triggers can be used to automatic data generation, audit data modifications, enforce complex Integrity constraints, and customize complex security authorizations. What is a Procedure ? A Procedure consist of a set of SQL and PL/SQL statements that are grouped together as a unit to solve a specific problem or perform a set of related tasks. What is a Package ? A Package is a collection of related procedures, functions, variables and other package constructs together as a unit in the database. What is difference between Procedures and Functions ? A Function returns a value to the caller where as a Procedure does not. What is Database Trigger ? A Database Trigger is procedure (set of SQL and PL/SQL statements) that is automatically executed as a result of an insert in, update to, or delete from a table.

1 Answers

Answered as per the requirement


Behavioral based industry based process based

1 Answers

Did research on industry and behavior answered off experiences


Have you had any experience with SQL or languages similar?

1 Answers

I said not from my classes in chemical engineering, but I spoke to my experience using R console. Less


Asked me about my projects from my CV, java, databases.

1 Answers

Answered them well , showed them my application.

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answers

After mastering and growing in this position, I want to advance and be leading successful projects. Less

Tech Mahindra

Do you have good analytical skills? (you may be ask how would you test a web page loading) Tell me about what you did at your last job? Do you know any programming languages? Are you able to learn fast?

1 Answers

Yes, I do. I did testing, development. I know JS and basic HTML. Yes, I learn fast. Less


Previous Project Done, DB concepts and Java concepts, Self Development and other details

1 Answers

Explained Project Done in engineering and studied DB concepts during engineering and after completion of BE Less


How long have you worked this industry. What is Active Directory. How would you handle certain support desk scenarios.

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What help mobile phones to capture the movement of an object

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