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Business analyst Interview Questions in India


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"estimate te total amount of data traffic in a railwaystation"

83 Answers

Hey can u post ur answers or ur email id... so dat i can mail and ask abt the answers.

mail me at

mail me at

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Document submission and verification Introduction->Skills->family->Interests->Work Experience->Why sahara

50 Answers

Name 5 uses of a stapler without staple pins

31 Answers

1. Experience and handling issues 2. Conflict management 3. issue resolution 4. Project Management

33 Answers

i have a gun in each hand, one with 3 bullets and other with 2. i fire them together at you, what is the probability that you die?

19 Answers

My resume was shortlisted and telephonic interview was conducted after which I was called to Bangalore for GD & Interview. I cleared the GD too but in interview they said that sorry we are looking for a grad as this is a technical position. I didn't get that why have they shortlisted my resume when my qualification was clearly mentioned in the resume further being a Btech grad is not a licence of being suitable for technical position . Employers seems to be really confuse.

6 Answers

How'll you find the weight of an object attached to another object without detaching them and without using any weighing machines. Both the weights are unknown

8 Answers

Hoe do you adapt yourself in a multi cultural environment?

7 Answers

Firstly Introduction and

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None. All were easy, related to the job experience and the case study they gave.

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