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A business developer generates growth and profits for a business. Get ready to handle behavioural and technical questions. Prove you have what it takes for this job by showing your creativity, research, strategy and communication abilities.

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Top Business Developer Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top business developer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you identify new business opportunities?

How to answer: Identifying new business opportunities is a significant duty for a business developer, so articulate an effective process for the interviewer. For example, your approach can include market monitoring to discover customer perceptions about your company and products, reviewing industry publications and news, researching growth opportunities and collaborating with an interdepartmental team to check feasibility.

Question No. 2: Which resources and programs do you use to help generate new business?

How to answer: This question helps the hiring manager assess your technical skills and aptitude. For example, you can explain your familiarity with a client relationship management (CRM) system, email, social media, virtual experience tools, chatbots, SMS and collaborative work management software.

Question No. 3: Growing our business is important to us. Which strategies would you recommend?

How to answer: The hiring manager is trying to determine whether you have the strategy skills needed for a business developer position. To handle this skill-based question, research the company before the interview, develop a SWOT analysis and use your findings to choose a growth strategy that leverages the firm's strengths and opportunities and addresses its weaknesses and threats.

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